It's Who We Are

Adonis Blue was created in the summer of 2011 as the brainchild of lead singer and pianist, Kiersten Rose, who desired to lead a group who would take music outside, and shake some fresh air into it.  She found a small group of talented and willing guys to go on the journey. 

Adonis Blue's unique sound contains elements of rock, country, jazz and a bit of pop all blended together and served with a slice of lemon.  We are all musicians who love the artistry of our instruments and creating new and tasty sounds.  Kiersten Rose is the lead vocalist, pianist, and accordion player, Brian Vaccaro plays guitar, Mark Wallace plays the bass, and Kyle Honeycutt plays drums.  Our set list consists of new and old classics in their glory or incognito, and originals as the muse brings them.  So, come along, sit back, grab a glass of wine, and chill...

KEEN St Louis, a recent client of Penny Moon Entertainment
had this to say about Adonis Blue:

"They were FANTASTIC!!! You hit a Homerun with them. As a matter of fact, I had several
people asking about using them for future events. Gave them your name. Thank you!!"



Happy "Bloomin'" Anniversary!
Well folks, it's been a year since we released our first album "Bloom."  Hard to believe time has flown by us so quickly!  But what's an anniversary without a party?  We'd like to invite you to our celebration by offering you our debut release at our CD Release Concert price...only $5 each!  For the price of your morning Starbuck's, you'll have music to get you through rush hour, dinner time, and bedtime for however long CDs really last.  And you can share the love by getting some stocking stuffers for your kids' teachers, your dog trainer, your yoga instructor, the mail carrier, that sweet person who smiles at you every morning in the Starbuck's line, your neighbors, family and friends.  If you haven't heard it yet, click here to see what we sound like.  This deal lasts until "Hurry Home," "I'll Meet You There" at our store.  "Heaven Knows" you'll get a great deal and won't get "Tangled" up in the mall.  You "Want the Change," well, you got it back in your pocket!  Thanks for giving us a great year!  Cheers!

What's Up?

And the "Thank You" goes to... 

Our generous donors!  We are so pleased to have some friends along for the ride.  These folks have stepped up to help us fund our new album and we wanted you to know how wonderful they are!

Carol & John Rose
Derek & Shauna Rose
Jim Holmes
Karen Michel
Don Eggleston
Becky Kendrick
Laura Cuccio
Helen Rose
Amy Hutcherson
Kristen Keys
Ron Shedrick
Grant Barnum
Jenny Ganaway
Allison Light
Willem Von Hombracht
Paul Foster

To join us in this fulfilling work of bringing new music alive, please contact Kiersten, or make a tax-deductible donation through ACT, Int., fund #902

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